Dwellar is for everyone

Dwellar is a cloud based Sales, Marketing and CRM platform for Real Estate. More than that, Dwellar is an integrated ecosystem which enables seamless communication between real estate builders, brokers and buyers.

Real Estate Developers

Dwellar incorporates all the features that are found in major CRM platforms, like Mobile Applications, Lead Management, Integrated Calling, Marketing Automation and Sales Automation. We provide a unique set of features such as interactive 3D presentations which are directly linked to CRM analytics.

  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Share Content & Inventory
  • Campaign Tracking

Real Estate Brokers

On-board with thousands of Channel Partners at the click of a button. Highly secure property database. Sales and marketing automation.

  • Lead
  • Digital Channel Partner Management
  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Property
  • 100%
    Private & Secure
  • MLS

Real Estate Buyers

Absolutely free for buyers
Private & Secure
  • Manage all your property transactions in one place.
  • Connect directly with developers and brokers and browse thousands of exclusive properties and offers.
  • Real time updates on your favourite properties.
  • Completely paperless. Share information and documents electronically.